What is the bigbang theory? The Big Bang Theory is that all of the mass of the universe “exploded” into existence from a tiny, immensely massive object, some say the size of a pea, approximately Some go further and claim that this is just one cycle of an infinite number of cycles, wherein the universe starts to contract, contracts back to the pea, and then repeats over and over again. Just about everything said in the first paragraph is incorrect. The confusion — and it is repeated by both popular presentations of the subject and even by scientists who should know better — arises from the use of the phrase “the Universe” to mean “that infinitesmally small fraction of the entire Universe that we can presently see. However, the size of the entire Universe was much larger, even at that time — it may well have been infinite.

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This is just my opinion and you may or may not agree with it, which is fine. However, this list reflects on who my favorite member is at the moment. Daesung I know he is many least favorite member. He has great vocals and honestly he deserves more credits and recognition than he is given. I think he is at the bottom of my list because he hardly promotes or has any scandals revolving around him, so it is hard to focus a lot on him. Although, recently he has been in the center of the dating rumors since debut.

K-pop is actually Korean pop music and it consists of dance, electronic hip-hop and rock from South Korea. Some of the biggest hits of K-pop include the Gangnum style.

He is the Lead vocalist of the band and the youngest member who signed a contract with Big Hit Entertainment when he was just Jungkook is the most competitive and skilled among his other bandmates. Earlier on he dreamt of becoming a badminton player but once he heard Gdragon’s songs in his first year of high school, he was immediately spellbound by him and decided to become a singer later on.

Jungkook was interested in dancing and singing and wanted to pursue his career as a well-established singer. Later on, he enrolled at the Seoul School of Performing Arts High School where he mastered himself in many skills relating to both singing and dancing. He graduated from there in February

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Share Saturday morning, the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena and its surrounding area was turned into a K-pop heaven with panels, workshops and a marketplace dedicated to all things “Hallyu” aka Korean wave. Last year, KCON grew to two days of festivities, but ended the second day with a concert. This year, the K-pop fest split the 10 artists up for a concert each night, promising longer sets with each act performing five songs versus last year’s three. VIXX opened up the concert with “Voodoo Doll,” their dark single, that kicked off the hit-heavy concert.

From the opening number, it was clear KCON and the artists had actively planned to perform to every part of the audience on this atypical circle stage; the sextet even performed a full song on the less-filled north side. Despite a quick technical issue where one member’s microphone went out mid-rap, the fans were screaming loud for this rookie group — especially when the boys whipped out a slew of sexy body rolls.

Kim Yuna Oct 04 am Hi! i am a big fan of BTS, where my bias of the group is Kim Taehyung a.k.a V. Everyday when im feeling sad, i always think of V, and he also cheers me up. Taehyung is a handsome, sexy, cute and weird man all at the same time. I will also love Taehyung, forever and ever!

As he got no answer, he went to his office personally to achieve his intention. Yang gave him the opportunity to audition, where he was successful, and accepted by the record label as a trainee. Dong spent the first few years as a trainee cleaning the studio for the other artists in the company and fetching them water bottles during dance practices, later admitting that current artists at the time weren’t friendly towards him or Kwon.

Their formation was documented on television, but before their official debut, Hyun-Seung was dropped and their final lineup consisted of five members. Geojitmal from their first extended play Always This was followed by ” Last Farewell ” Korean: Haru Haru from Stand Up ; both were also chart-toppers. Solo career development and Solar[ edit ] Taeyang performing on Big Bang’s Alive World Tour in After contributing to singer Lexy ‘s album, Taeyang announced that he was going to release a solo album.

Initially scheduled for a September release, the project was pushed back due to conflicting schedules with his group. He later stated that he would do so in the future to fully express and incorporate his thoughts and ideas into his music. Gido ” which featured Teddy. Promotional videos were shot for both. In support of his album, he also staged his first solo concert, the Hot Concert Series.

Kwon Jiyong

Knows many languages like Japanese, English, French, and Korean. The band is noted for its mixed, diversified and edgier music style. This pop album is just more than 41 minutes long.

Taeyang did not make any official remarks but bowed to his fans before he entered the army building. K-pop stars Lee Dong-wook and Suzy are dating. K-pop Good Samaritan IU gets her fingers.

AceShowbiz — Falling in love may be the happiest time for most of people. Fans of the South Korean superstars most of the time find it hard to learn their favorites date, so whenever a new dating scandal emerges online, all hell breaks loose in the entire K-Pop industry. The situation gets worse if the scandal involves big stars with massive fandom. Cube Entertainment, the agency for the two singers, initally denied the rumors.

The former Wonder Girls and 4Minute member revealed that she had been dating the Pentagon member since May of Taeyeon and Baekhyun, who both are from SM Entertainment, were photographed having a car date back in March of SM Entertainment later confirmed that they were in a relationship, making them the first official couple from the agency.

The Girls Generation leader and the EXO member dated for more than a year before breaking up in People initally thought it was an April Fool joke until SM Entertainment confirmed that the two of them were dating. The site additionally revealed photos of the same-age stars meeting each other in between their hectic schedule. The news of them dating earned mixed reactions as some were being supportive for the stars. Sulli and Choiza Sulli and Choiza were first reported to be dating back in August

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Wow, what the heck? Who exactly started the rumor and which company spoke out on the matter? I think I should make that extremely clear.

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Louboutin hat And so on! Dara also helped GD promoting his Heartbreaker album in her Cyworld account. In his message, GD told Dara that he missed her. For full contents of the chat you can see them at the group screencaps Everyone knows GD and Se7en are best friends too. Guess who took their picture? Dara once bought GD a gift when she just got back from Philippines, which is broken white t-shirt designed with a kind of batik pattern.

GD was seen wearing it several times, even for one of his music video, Breathe. GD is the one who supports Dara the most by encouraging Dara to try the YG audition once again after Dara failed her first one. GD once helped Dara by replacing her to eat chilies when she lost a game made by Se7en. In Korea only few people has a name with three syllables, outside their family name.

He called Dara with Noona several times, but it always makes him bumbling by scratching his nose or ruffling his hair. It might make GD feels more capable to protect Dara. Dara also once said that she considers GD as someone she could rely on, like an older brother.

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The K-Pop world is definitely stress-inducing; and in the midst of paparazzi, rumors, crazy sasaeng fans, harsh netizen comments, and public misconceptions, some idols are lucky to have someone whom they can always count on to be on their side. Watermelon Sisters Suzy and IU were not always close. Although the two were co-stars on the famous idol drama ‘Dream High’, they were known to be pretty awkward around each other.

Taeyang – I Need A Girl. I’m tired of being alone, I’m sick of being single, I think I need me a girl. I need a girl like.

I felt so stupid for not being able to saved Tae. Useless for the exact what I felt now. And I failed to Tiffany. I stared outside and saw the cars passing. Just then, I felt someone tapped my shoulder from my back. I turned around and widened my eyes. There I saw the most I hate person. He smiled back to me. I felt tapped again and I groaned silently.

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Kwon Dami really likes Dara. Dami was so proud of Dara Dami also often seen wearing the same T-shirt with Dara:

The 1st ‘ Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards’ was recently held in Seoul on November 22nd, and Big Bang’s Taeyang and Super Junior’s Siwon were awarded the .

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She has NO parents. She is currently dating Taeyang. She catches him doing stuff with other girls and gets tired of it. Her parents left her on the streets when she was 7 years old where she met Yubin.

Taeyang’s (@__youngbae__) comment on one of their pictures, “Let’s write a song called romance aficionado,” seems to confirm their relationship further. How did .

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As of , she is around 21 years old. With an outgoing personality, she is the only non-Korean member of the group. Her full name is Lalisa Manoban. She has a variety of nicknames including Liz, Pokpak, and others.

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Exporting tourism and popular culture used to be the domain of powerful nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Japan. But from being little known outside the Korean Peninsula, the Korean Wave is now one of the country’s major industries. The worldwide acceptance of Hallyu prompted the South Korean government to give it support, by providing funding and subsidies for creative industry start-ups.

The development and spread of the Korean Wave owes much to advancement of technology, with many of its products, such as Korean dramas and movies, music, cosmetics and fashion gaining worldwide attention through social media platforms and video and photo sharing sites. The starting point South Korea’s cultural industry started in after the signing of the Korean Armistice Agreement.

From there, South Korea experienced the Miracle on the Han River, referring to its swift economic growth after the end of the Korean War. The film industry flourished and American film studies started to establish distribution offices in South Korea. First to come in was Twentieth Century Fox It was followed by Warner Bros. In , Walt Disney also had a distribution office in the country.

Advisers to the South Korean president took note that the earnings of Jurassic Park surpassed the sales of the nation’s pride, Hyundai cars. The government decided to establish the cultural industry bureau under the Ministry of Culture to help develop the country’s media culture, with many companies venturing into media and film.